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This is my first blog as a writer!  I’ve written for my website, for courses I’ve conducted, for speeches and seminars, and for newspaper and even magazine articles.  But this is the first time I’m writing, just to be a writer.

About 7 months ago, I developed a colossal case of writer’s block, because everything I wrote was being written for a purpose, as an “in order to” and had to be dripping with inspiration and import.  I was writing for others and not as an expression of myself.  So one day, I said enough.  I deactivated my blog, stopped writing articles  and marketing materials and everything else that was causing me nothing but angst.

After breathing a hearty sigh of relief.  The universe responded to the opening I had created for myself, and I was invited to join a newly forming writer’s group.   Since then I’ve had tremendous fun exploring different forms of writing, from essays, and poetry to short stories and the beginnings of a novel.  It has all been fun, natural and rewarding.

And one of the huge benefits has been the rare privilege of sharing this journey with other lovers of the written word, some of whom are neophytes like myself, and others who are earning a living by writing and are in the throes of publishing their first work.

I will be sharing a mixed bag of writing as I am inspired to do so.  I hope you enjoy, what you read and I would love to hear your comments.  Just please bear in mind that sharing writing is like pulling your pants down in public, and you tend to feel somewhat vulnerable!



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