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My 85 year old mother glances out the window
at pelting rain and storm tossed trees
“It’s a dirty day.”  she observes, content to be snug in her kitchen.

I gaze out the window beside her,
Secretly caged
Drawn by and longing to flee into the storm
to be one with the universe,
feeling the wind in my face
and the power of the storm pulsing through my soul.


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The Call

The universe is expanding
conscious, breath-taking, infinite
It’s heartbeat
resonating and rumbling in my chest

My soul accepts the invitation
and expands
with exhilaration, anticipation and love

I am scared
and in awe

I am a reflection of the infinite
an echo of spirit

I am a pebble thrown in the pond
creating ripples of reflection
remembering the sparkle and wonder of the stars
sharing, teaching, revealing
glimpses of eternity, purpose and love

I am a call to follow your heart
remember your destiny
to revel in-spirit, love and happiness
to help create a more loving, peaceful and connected planet.

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