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My 85 year old mother glances out the window
at pelting rain and storm tossed trees
“It’s a dirty day.”  she observes, content to be snug in her kitchen.

I gaze out the window beside her,
Secretly caged
Drawn by and longing to flee into the storm
to be one with the universe,
feeling the wind in my face
and the power of the storm pulsing through my soul.


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Spring Fog

It was a bright spring morning, so it was a surprise when an unseasonable marine fog breeched the bluff and slowly morphed into a giant roll of cotton batting that tumbled its way down the hill,  thickly shrouding our neighborhood and bringing a welcome quiet, before continuing through town, and drifting insubstantially through the fields beyond, periodically revealing ghostly farm workers toiling in the fields.

I was on the most prosaic of trips, to drop off documents at our accountant’s in preparation for the impending tax deadline, but it is amazing how a little vignette of a transient fog, drifting, shimmering and rising off the fields as the bright sunlight slowly burns it away can serve to highlight your connection to the universe.  Somehow that little dance of nature, which would have occurred witnessed or not, engendered the most profound sense of peace and connection I have felt for some time.  It served to remind me of the vastness and permanence of the universe and my own insubstantial and transient  role in it.  Taxes, errands, responsibilities, should, musts and have to’s are all insubstantial and transient illusions in contrast to the reality of  universal energy.

And as I sit here in reflection, I realize that I saw God today.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

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